The beauty of democracy:

Every eligible citizen has the right to run for office. People have the right to choose the best candidate to represent them. The more options the better for the community.

The challenge really is for the community to discern who is the best candidate to represent them, and rally behind that candidate.  The final decision is left to the community. It is the rule of the people. Only through this process that democracy is practiced at its finest. To predetermine the results by limiting the choices of the people is not democracy at all, it is the rule of some dictator. It is a disservice to the community to withhold from them worthy candidates.

The challenge for the candidates is to prove themselves worthy to represent the community: by their acts and their principles. To lose from a group of worthy candidates is better than be a winner from a group of not-so-great opponents.

At your service

Paulina Corpuz
School Trustee Candidate, Ward 12, Toronto Catholic District School Board
FAITH in ACTION: Service, Visibility, Community, Engagement