My daughter is cleaning up her room, reviewing all her stuff and enthusiastically looking forward to start another stage of her life.

I look back at my life (fast rewind back to Grade 6 graduation) and reviewed remaining mementos from my past, twenty years ago, and realize how some things stay true today as it was before. I am reminded of the valedictory address I delivered. Here are excerpts of it:

“A tree blossoms, bears fruits, shed its foliage, but immediately begins to prepare for another crop. “…

Some things remain and some things change. A tree’s life cycle will follow its natural flow and stay true, no matter the weather.  It grows, blossoms, bears fruits, sheds foliage and the cycle repeats. In that cycle, it is necessary to prune branches to bear more fruits. A tree stands on its ground and bears all kinds of weather: it may lose a large branch, get bruised, bent or toppled, but its roots stay on the ground. A mother tree will sprout new trees beside it.

“…the school nurtured us educationally, spiritually and morally which will help us overcome whatever obstacles we will encounter in the future…”

The school is not a building, it is people, it is community. Like a tree, it nurtures and changes according to season to continue   to survive and bear fruits. WE NEED CHANGE to SURVIVE and CONTINUE to develop the child into a responsible,discerning adult.

“…institution which had been our home during the long years of learning…”

The school is our second home where we spend at least 16 years of our life: 10 months in a year, 5 days a week, 7 hours daily.  Unlike the rest of the animal kingdom, we  need formal education and learn a set of beliefs and values to help in the development of the whole child, the whole person.

“…always and above all, our greatest thanks to the Almighty Creator for in Him nothing is impossible.”

One of the most important distinction we have as humans is the belief of a greater power, God. I believe that everything will happen in His time. It is not about my time, your time OR our time. In due time, according to God’s plan,

 To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

Ecclesiastes 3 King James Version (KJV)

As a parent, reluctantly I accept that my children will someday spread their wings and journey without me physically by their side. I pray that I have taught them and guided them to become discerning, responsible, respectful and positively contributing adults in society.

Paulina Corpuz