Find a reason to celebrate. Simple pleasures matter.

Happiness is a state of mind. I forgot who said that but it is a conscious effort to choose to be happy. Being happy is a choice you must elect every second.

Social media made it easy for us to connect and update each other of our activities. Facebook and Twitter and other social online media gave us tools to easily broadcast things that we want the public to know. For some of us, we find simple things to post to connect with a multitude of people out there in the clouds. All is good. I find that most people share happy simple moments: a picture of a fine looking dish before eating it; a photo beside a known celebrity or politician; an image of an inspiring quote; a panoramic nature view. These seem trivial and some people are annoyed by it, but for some people it is an  appreciation of the good and the positive.

Some of life’s simple pleasures are ignored. The bonds we create by doing things together are memories we reminisce – a shared time of folding laundered clothes with the whole family; simple arguments remembered from childhood, we now fondly recall with laughter; household chores disdained when we were young are lessons we passed on to our own children.

Find in the good in every moment and celebrate it. Life passes by so quickly and moments are all we have. The sweet smell of flowers; the warm rays of the sun; the wet feel of rain; the loud roar of thunder; the pain of hurt feelings; all these reflect life. The simple pleasures are the ones we remember most as we mature.